Natural Hoof Care is all about what is best for your horse based on the studies of the free-roaming, wild horses in the Great Basin that Jaime Jackson, founder of the ISNHCP (Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices) had conducted.

The four pillars of Natural Horse Care are the natural trim, a reasonably natural diet, natural horsemanship, and natural boarding. These four pillars affect the shape and integrity of the hoof and the health of the horse.

Jaime Jackson discovered the wild hoof model on the free roaming horses of the US Great Basin (Nevada, Eastern California, Southeast Oregon, and Western Utah), and when we apply it to domestic horses’ hooves, the unnatural shaped hooves eventually transform to a point that natural wear can start to take over.

I am based in Paonia and Delta County, Colorado and serve Western Colorado. I also offer lifestyle and diet consultations by phone.

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